Afternoon Activity Options

the artistic suburbs

Tour this visionary community housing project in the slums of Cairo.

Architectural Home Tour

Visit the stunning home of Cairo architect Tarek Labib.

25 Jan Television Studio tour and taping


Welcome Reception at Saraya Lounge, Marriott Hotel 

Day One


Walk to Tahrir Square         

Walk from the museum through the streets of Cairo to the famous Tahrir Square.

Speaker session at cafe riche 

Hear from Jawad El Nabulsi, a young revolutionary leader, at a legendary café that is home to the intelligentsia of Cairo. 


Lunch at Arabesque


opening night reception

Hear from Mounir Fakhry, Minister of Tourism, at Salon Royal, Marriott Hotel

dinner at abou el sid

DAY two


street party at darb 1718, old cairo

Meet Moataz Nasreldin, a successful Egyptian artist who started a neighborhood cultural center to help young artists develop their craft. 

breakout activity: walking tour to coptic cairo    

Meet with Father Sarabamone at the Santa Barbara church.


speaker session at sultan hassan mosque

Hear from Moez Masoud, a modern-day evangelist and popular media personality.

speaker sessionS at salon vert, marriott hotel

Hear from Mohamed Diab (filmmaker) and Seif Fahmy (business leader) on topics from the art/business of Egypt's filmmaking industry, and the current and future economy of Egypt. 


home dinners

Local Cairo residents host friends and small groups of AFAR guests in their homes.

Late Night at Sequoia 

Home dinner guests and their hosts meet up for late night cocktails.

Day Three


Speaker Session at La Bodega

Tarek Labib, a leading architect, gives a talk in a café housed in a building reminiscent of a 1930's French brasserie.


Speaker Session at El Sawy Culturewheel

Various talks at this vibrant cultural center with speakers Mohamed El Sawy (founder, Culturewheel), Bassem Youssef (comedian and heart surgeon), and Riham Bahi (women's rights activist). 


Final Night Celebration, The Pyramids at Giza

This farewell party features plenty of food and festivities, including a live performance by one of Egypt's hottest contemporary bands, Massar Egbari



Seif Fahmy, business and political leader

Seif Fahmy speaks about the future of Egypt's economy in this hopeful talk.

Fahmy is a founding member of the World Economic Forum's Arab Business Concil, which advocates for critical reforms to boost business development across the Arab world. When speaking about Egypt, Fahmy says, "This is a great country. Our people are our greatest asset. We have a young population that can be put to work – 45 percent of the country is under 40. Things will get better."

Seif is also a leader of the newly established El Etihad (unity) political party, one of the many groups participating in Egypt's recent parliamentary elections.


Jawad Nabulsi, activist and entrepreneur

Jawad Nabulsi shares details about his role in the January 25 revolution and the course of events that followed.

On January 28, Nabulsi joined the protests in Tahrir Square and shot near the left eye with a rubber bullet. After traveling to several hospitals in search of a doctor who could stitch his wound, he realized that many other protesters also needed help in finding care. The next morning, still recovering from his own injury, Nabulsi leveraged his social media contacts to recruit volunteers for an emergency call center that would link injured protesters with hospitals, help locate missing persons, and find funds for medical treatment. Within hours of the launch, the center was logging thousands of calls.

As founder of the Nebny Foundation, created to bring jobs and opportunity to Egyptian youth, Jawad has started a program to improve facilities in an impoverished neighborhood called Manshiyat Nasr, where 1.2 million people live with little access to health care and education.


Bassem Youssef, comedian and heart surgeon

Bassem Youssef gives a humorous account about Western perceptions of Egypt.

Bassem Youssef is Egypt's Jon Stewart, a comedian and political satirist who keeps society on its toes, while maintaining a day job as one of Cairo's top cardiac surgeons. After the revolution, Youssef's five-minute Daily Show-style YouTube videos, filmed in a makeshift studio in a Cairo apartment, earned him a following among young, politically engaged Egyptians.



Riham Bahi, women's rights activist

Riham Bahi talks about the status of women within Egypt and within Islam.

As a professor of economics and political science at Cairo University, Bahi's research interests include relations between the United States and the Muslim world, as well as feminist readings of the Koran. For Bahi, women should not have to choose between their faith and their rights. "Muslim women want to have gender equity within Islam. There is no way we would put religion aside for gender justice. We want both. We want justice and piety."

Riham has received a Fulbright award, and holds a PhD from Northeastern University.


Moez Masoud, Muslim imam and media personality

Moez Masoud speaks about his views on Islam, religion and humanity.

As the charismatic founder of Cairo's al Tareeq al Sah (Enlightened Path Institute), Masoud is an iman who focuses on the very modern-day challenges of religious deradicalization, interfaith dialogue and Islam in the world at large. He is one of Egypt's most progressive and influential religious leaders, managing to quote both the Koran and Bob Dylan in his oratories.

Moez played a prominent role in the revolution both as a protester on the ground and as a voice in the wider media (with an impressive 800,000 followers on Twitter). Speaking here at the Sultan Hassan mosque, Moez says "The revolution of January 25 will bring a close to the era defined by 9/11. It was an era when Muslims could not be who they wanted to be. Now, we have a chance to be who we want to be."


AFAR Experiences Cairo 2011

Of the many things that AFAR Experiences offers, it's the connections—spiritual, emotional, intellectual—that resonate deepest with our guests. Attending an AFAR Experiences event will change your view of travel, transforming the way you perceive and experience a place, its culture, and its people.