AFAR Experiences Tokyo

November 10 – 13, 2017

Join us in Tokyo for 4 nights/3 days of compelling speaker talks, intimate and behind the scenes access to the some of the city’s most remarkable people and places, and celebratory evenings full of amazing food, music and entertainment. Our official event program will commence with an opening reception on Friday November 10th at 5:30pm, and conclude with a farewell celebration on the night of Monday, November 13th. When making travel arrangements, plan to arrive in Tokyo during the day on November 10th, and plan to depart on November 14th (or extend your trip - here are some itinerary add-on recommendations)

Please note: this is a sample itinerary and all details are subject to change.

Highlights include:

Welcome to Tokyo

We couldn’t think of a better place to start our Experience together than the spectacular rooftop of Andaz Tokyo, our World of Hyatt partner hotel. Get a bird’s eye view of the sparkling city lights below while feasting on the exquisite seasonal cuisine prepared by Andaz’s culinary team. Learn about the many varieties of Japan’s finest sakes from a sake expert. Meet talented local artists, craftsmen and musicians. And, join your hosts and fellow travelers in a toast to the start to our fantastical four-day journey.

Pop culture at Mori Art Museum

Take a deeper dive into the fascinating and fanciful world of Japanese pop culture phenomena through conversation with Mami Kataoka, chief curator of the contemporary Mori Art Museum, and other field experts. From manga to anime and everything in between, we’ll explore the trajectory of Japan’s biggest, and quirkiest, export.

Visit a Shinto shrine

At the historic Konno Hachiman-gu shrine in Shibuya, learn about Shinto, Japan’s indigenous religion, and be lead through an ancient ritual and blessing by the resident Shinto priest.

An evening out with the locals

In small groups, experience Tokyo’s street scene in the company of a trusted local resident. With your new friend by your side to help navigate, you’ll visit some of their favorite spots, like lively izakayas and hard-to-find yet one of a kind restaurants. Discover the back streets of Tokyo’s many vibrant neighborhoods, from Nakameguro to Shimo-kitazawa to Harjuku, and beyond. Eat, drink, and engage with the friendly locals!

Fukushima, six years later

The nuclear disaster of Fukushima, triggered by the Tohoku earthquake and subsequent tsunami in March 2011, devastated an entire region. We’ll hear from Azby Brown, member of Safecast, a globally revered citizen science project, on how the communities affected have recovered, what challenges still remain, and how open data technology has contributed to that recovery.

The art of design in daily life

The word design could be a synonym for Japan. Kazuko Koike, one of the country’s leading cultural figures and most respected experts in contemporary creative life, will lead a fascinating discussion about the role of simplicity and usefulness in Japanese design culture.

Exploration on foot

Tokyo is a great walking city, and you’ll have the opportunity to do plenty of it. Pair up with one of our local ‘ambassadors’ and explore the nooks and crannies of the city’s vast network of some of the coolest neighborhoods you’ll find – get off the beaten, touristy path and lose yourself in tiny specialty shops, street markets, and quirky cafés.

A final farewell celebration

A visit to Tokyo wouldn’t be complete without visiting the elegant and iconic Park Hyatt hotel. We’ll wrap up our time in the city with private access to its renowned New York Bar and Grill for cocktails and a very special dinner high above the magical, neon city lights.

Still to come…

In the coming weeks we’ll be announcing more featured speakers and itinerary details, including events and topics such as Japanese tea ceremony, Edo history, the importance of seasonality in Japanese food culture, the future of Tokyo the megacity, Japanese craftsmanship, art and architecture, and much more.