Travel Deeper.

We believe that it’s the people you meet who inspire the most unforgettable experiences.

The most seasoned travelers can go to a city and walk the streets, visit the museums, and eat at well-known restaurants. But with AFAR Experiences, you’ll travel deeper by walking with the city planners, seeing art with the curators, and eating with the chefs.

You will have unparalleled access to the beating heart of these off-the-beaten-path cities.

Our lineup of local speakers, hosts, and activity leaders know the city better than anyone, and we believe the best way to get to know a destination and its culture is through them. You’ll be invited behind the scenes and into their homes and studios to discover what life is like beneath the surface.

Not to mention that you’ll be with the founders and editors of AFAR…

These are the travel visionaries and experts behind our award-winning experiential travel magazine, and they’ll be there to learn, connect and celebrate with you.

…and a group of like-minded, worldly travelers like yourself.

We’re proud of the open, curious travelers who apply to come with us. And the connections you’ll make on an AFAR Experiences trip don’t end after our party on the final night.

After time spent with us, you’ll head home with incredible memories, an unbreakable bond to the place you just experienced, and a different way of seeing your own world.

Because that’s what travel does—it opens your eyes to see your everyday life differently. And with AFAR, you’ll travel deeper.

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